here are some things i do…

It’s not a comprehensive list, because I value your time.


Narrative fiction podcast presented as a series of broadcasts by a highly advanced self-aware AI.


Brute Force

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A skeleton, a golem, a harpy, and a kitsune walk into a bar, order nothing but pie, and make sure to tip their minotaur bartender.


Part variety show, part game show, all hyper-exclusionary celebration of an unconventional best-friendship.



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a little more about Adam

Writer, Voice Actor, Podcast Producer, S-Tier Grilled Cheese Maker

Do you see my picture to the left there?  Do you see my sullen, downcast eyes?

This is because when I took this I was wondering if you were going to click any of those great social media links immediately below the picture.

It’s completely up to you whether you click any of them of course. I just want you to feel the burden of my expectations.

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